Love, Loss and Laughter

Love, Loss and Laughter: Seeing Dementia Differently is an international art exhibition which Alzheimer’s Australia is proud to bring to Australia. This exhibition showcases the work of Cathy Greenblat, photographer and sociologist, and conveys the importance of retaining the individual as central, rather than their challenges with dementia.Image

Alzheimer’s Australia has a number of holdings of a book also called Love, Loss and Laughter which Cathy has produced and we encourage you to make time to view the exhibit as it tours, admission is free.

DVD : Is it Dementia

is it dementia_web Alzheimer’s Australia have recently launched a great new DVD resource Is It Dementia aimed at the Transport, Emergency Services, Retail, Fire, Banking and Correctional Services industries. As well as videos of different scenarios which may in fact be triggered by dementia, such as “The Tricky Passenger” which walk viewers through a case study, there are also fact sheets, facilitator question sets and even transcripts of the video case studies available on this DVD.

You can also view the videos and all associated resources mentioned above online at

Book: Playfulness and Dementia, John Killick


One of our newer books, Playfulness and Dementia, offers insights into the power and joy of introducing elements of playfulness into the care of those with dementia.  Never condescending, or disrespectful, the author offers approaches and ideas for bringing more fun and laughter into the days of dementia sufferers.  Also, check out this cool video demonstrating therapeutic playfulness from John’s blog.

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