Learning more about dementia: March to June 2014

PrintAlzheimer’s Australia Vic has a great set of seminars and public information sessions coming up in Metropolitan Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria. Generally, the sessions are open to anyone who is interested, if they are thought to be of interest to a particular audience, this is mentioned on the webpage.

Come along and hang out with us! Learn! You’ll love it.

Free Seminars

Your Brain Matters. 20 March 2014

Find out how adopting a healthier lifestyle approach will improve your brain health and may reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Suitable for: General community, health professionals, students, family carers and people living with dementia.

Where? Horsham

How do I register? Bookings essential. To book online – Click here, or phone 03 9816 5708, or
email vic.education@alzheimers.org.au

Is it Dementia or just old age? Getting an assessment and diagnosis. 3 April 2014 (Eltham) or 19 June 2014 (Springvale)

Are you or your loved one worried about memory changes or a decline in cognitive function? Is it dementia? Join us and learn where you can get an assessment, what’s involved and how you can encourage a person to have a diagnosis.

As some people age, they may become concerned that the changes they are experiencing to their memory or to other cognitive functions, such as decision making or daily living skills, may be the beginnings of dementia.
It is important to have these changes examined so that they can either be treated, or the person can access appropriate support and services that will assist in planning for their future.

Suitable for: The general community, health professionals, students, family and friends caring for a person living with dementia.

Where? Eltham and Springvale

How do I register? Bookings essential. Book online 3 April 2014 (Eltham), or 19 June 2014 (Springvale)  or phone 03 9816 5708, or  email vic.education@alzheimers.org.au

Worried about your memory? 10 April 2014 (Hawthorn), 6 May 2014 (Moama) and 28 May 2014 (Parkville)

Join us to find out how memory works, common memory changes that occur with ageing, health factors that can impact on memory function and when memory difficulties need to be investigated. This session will also provide tips on how to improve your memory.

Suitable for: General community, health professionals, students, family carers or anyone with memory concerns.

Where? Hawthorn, Moama, Parkville

How do I register? Bookings essential. To book online – 10 April 2014 (Hawthorn), 6 May 2014 (Moama)or 28 May 2014 (Parkville) phone 03 9816 5708, or email vic.education@alzheimers.org.au

Dementia and Driving Community Information Sessions

Community information sessions on dementia and driving for family and friends of a person diagnosed with dementia will be presented in nine locations across Victoria between March 2014 and March 2015. People with a diagnosis of dementia who are driving or have recently stopped driving may also be interested to attend.

Topics include: recognising driving warning signs; responding to changes in driving ability; legal and licensing requirements for drivers; starting conversations about driving; working with health professionals; what to do when safety is an immediate concern, and how to stay mobile, active and connected.

Upcoming session dates:

Further sessions will be delivered in Dandenong, Bendigo, Shepparton, Traralgon and Werribee.

Sessions will be interactive and provide opportunities for questions and discussion. Refreshments will also be provided.

For more information about a session near you, or to make a booking, phone (03) 9815 7822.

Other Seminars

NEW Virtual Dementia Experience. 10 April 2014, 8 May 2014, 3 June 2014 (Parkville)

By popular demand, additional sessions have been added! Join us to experience this cutting-edge technology in the new state-of-the-art Alzheimer’s Australia Vic Perc Walkley Dementia Learning Centre. 

Through a custom designed, motion-sensitive kinetic wall, immerse yourself into a virtual experience that will allow you to ‘explore’ a particular environment through the eyes of a person living with dementia. Technology programming that manipulates sight, sound and touch will be used throughout the experience to simulate typical environmental elements that are friendly or adverse to a person with dementia.

This NEW experience will assist professional carers to consider beneficial changes in the acute, aged or community care workplace that can improve delivery of person-centred care. Read more>>

Suitable for: Direct care workers, care managers, care coordinators and case managers both in residential and community care settings.

Where? Parkville

How do I register? Bookings essential. To book online – 10 April 2014,   8 May 20143 June 2014

Cost: $110/$100 Member

Download flyer for Virtual dementia experience 

Dementia, pain recognition, assessment and management. 30 April 2014 (Parkville)

This program focuses on the pain sensation, including the impact of psychosocial experience and cultural beliefs. Using a holistic approach, you will better understand the use of pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures to better manage a person living with dementia.

Suitable for: People working in aged care, community care or disability providing support for people living with dementia.


How do I register? Book online- 30 Apr 2014

Cost: $160/ $150 Member

Lewy body disease. March 26 2014 (Parkville)

Develop an understanding of dementia with Lewy bodies and its implications for the person with this type of dementia and their carers.

Where? Parkville

How do I register? Book online- 26 Mar 2014

Cost: $160 (members discount applies)

Leadership tools to support person-centred practice change. Wednesday 30 April, 2014

Transferring the theory of person-centred care into everyday practice requires effective leadership. This workshop explores a range of strategies that will help participants develop teams that support positive dementia practice, creating a culture of care.

Suitable for: People working in aged care, community care or disability providing support for people with dementia.

Where? Parkville

How do I register? Book online- 30 Apr 2014 (Parkville)

Cost: $240/ $225Member

More dementia training courses

This webpage includes a full list of training courses until June 2014.

Accredited training courses

Dementia Care Essentials
National competency-based accredited training

CHCAC416A – Facilitate support responsive to the specific nature of dementia, March/April 2014

This 3-day workshop builds on the existing knowledge gained from the Dementia Care Essentials program CHCAC319A. Participants will actively participate in workshops and apply the fundamental principles and processes necessary to develop a holistic and enabling Support Plan and environment for a person living with dementia. A great opportunity to challenge current ways, innovate and apply creative strategy using a strengths-based approach to dementia practice.

NB. Undertaking the Dementia Care Essentials CHCAC319A prior to this course is highly recommended.

Suitable for: only those working in Commonwealth funded aged care.

Download course overview.

A $300 backfill contribution is available for organisations in regional locations: download flyer here

Where? Colac, Horsham, Parkville, Werribee

How do I register? Book online

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