Blog index

We’ve listed every post we’ve ever done on the blog here – by topic.

#Bethechange 2017

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and dementia

Animal assisted therapy for people with dementia

Brain health

Building design for dementia

Carer and family-focused resources

Celebrations and dementia

Child representational therapy

Children, teenagers, young adults and dementia

Creating a dementia-friendly nation

Culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Dance and dementia 

Dementia information sites, social media and apps from Alzheimer’s Australia

Dementia-friendly home and assisted living design

Dementia-friendly communities: Communicating and socialising with a person with dementia

Dementia resources for young people

Doll, child or animal representational therapy and dementia 2017

Doll therapy

Down syndrome and learning disabilities

Driving and dementia

Driving and dementia – part two

Early stage dementia

End of life and dementia

End of life planning and care

Fiction and dementia – posted 2018

Fiction and dementia – posted 2017

Fictional accounts of dementia – posted 2014 

Fictional accounts of dementia – posted 2015

Fictional accounts of dementia – posted 2016

Films about dementia

First-person accounts of dementia – 2016

First-person accounts of dementia – 2014

Frontotemporal dementia 2018

Frontotemporal dementia_2016

Frontotemporal dementia_2014

Gardens for people with dementia

Grief and dementia

How do I choose?

HIV and HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND)

Home design for dementia

Intimacy, sexuality and dementia

Kate Swaffer

Kids and teens resources

Let’s eat – Nutrition and dementia

Lewy body disease (Lewy body dementia)

LGBTI communities

Memoir and dementia

Ministering/Ministry for people with dementia

Montessori for people with dementia Post 1

Montessori methods for people with dementia Post 2

Music and dementia 2020

Music and dementia 2017

Music and dementia

New in the library 2019

Oral health and dementia

Paro – therapeutic robot seal

Person-centred dementia care

Poetry and dementia

Prisons and dementia

Recent dementia publications (2016)

Recent fiction with people with dementia (2016)

Relationships and dementia 

Richard Taylor – Collected Works

Spirituality and dementia

Still Alice

Teens and young adults- dementia in fiction

Travelling well with dementia

Younger Onset dementia (2018)

Younger Onset dementia (2013)

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