Upcoming Melbourne forum: Technology and Dementia: A Game Changer

As part of Alzhtech and dem a game changer_webeimer’s Australia Vic’s Leadership in quality dementia support series on Tuesday 2 September we have a unique event on offer, Technology and Dementia: A Game Changer.

Increasing rates of dementia, a declining workforce, rising costs of care and the shift to consumer directed care all provide challenges to service providers.

This forum will explore both local and international examples of the diverse ways technology can complement and enhance the services supporting people living with the dementia including:
• Use of ipads
• Use of apps
• Use of robots
• Use of gaming in an educative and therapeutic context
• Digitally augmented environments in residential aged care
• Use of art and design programs
• Bringing about a Montessori culture change

Dr Adam GazzaleyLeading this unique program of speakers is International Keynote Speaker Dr Adam Gazzaley MD PhD Professor of Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry and Director, Neuroscience Imaging Center, University of California, San Francisco. Having developed one of the worlds first unique gaming programs that enhances cognitive function, he will talk to bridging the gap between technology and neuroscience.

Speakers include:

Dr Adam Gazzaley MD PhD

James Bonner & Norman Wang Directors, Opaque Multimedia

Mandy Salomon, Senior Researcher, Smart Services CR

Efterpi Soropos, Founder and Director, Human Rooms™

Professor Wendy Moyle, Director, Centre for Health Practice, Innovation, Griffith University

Dr Darragh O’Brien, Principal, Architectural Research Consultancy (ARC)


Hilton on the Park, 192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne.


9.00am Registration, Event 9.30am – 4.30pm


$195 pp | member: $186pp

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To register and for further information go to https://leadership14.eventarc.com/22278
email vic.education@alzheimers.org.au | call 03 9816 5708

You can find a link to the flyer for this forum here: AAVic Leadership forum_Sept2014_Special Offer.